Scarcity and Abundance Mindset
We’ve entered the season of Lent on the Christian. calendar.  It's a time where people give something up, their vices, and fast from it to turn their attention towards a closer relationship with God.  

This year, I'm fasting from my scarcity mindset.  I know that our creator provides everything we need for an abundant life to sustain ourselves in joy and purpose.  I also know that my own thoughts and distance from God can squander it.  

Do you know what a scarcity mindset is is?

It might sound familiar if you’ve ever read 7 Habits of Highly Successful People by Steven Covey.

Scarcity mindset is  idea or worldview that opportunities, resources, and successes are finite.  As a result people are tight fisted and guarded. I heard someone use the analogy of a pie.  People with scarcity mindset view opportunities and resources like a pie.  When some one takes a piece it leaves less for the rest of us.  

A scarcity mindset grows from the feeling that there will never be enough. People with a scarcity mindset are hyper aware of the unfulfilled areas of their lives. This is a breading ground for unproductive and self-defeating thoughts, 

Scarcity mindset holds us back.  And so we want to move toward an abundance mindset.  This is the idea that there will never be a shortage of opportunities and successes or of ways to accomplish your goals.  Stephen Covey says abundance mindset “flows out of a deep inner sense of personal worth and security.”  It is the knowledge of know there is plenty for everyone.  Abundance mindset feels safe and joyful.

If scarcity mindset holds us back then an abundant mindset will propel us forward. 

What we focus on grows.  If you want an abundance mindset you need to focus on it.  Some things that can help shift your mindset to an abundance mindset is to (1) recognize your thoughts for what they are and then flip the script.  

I love Disney World so let’s use that as an example.  If you see a a friend’s post about their trip to Disney and you think, “I’ll never get to go to Disney”, well then you won’t. But if you think, “I’ll be riding on that Peter Pan ride in no time at all”, then you will start to believe it and work towards it. Be present with your thoughts so that you can identify the thoughts that are holding you back and rephrase them.  Then say the new phrase out loud (or in your head if it makes you sound weird in present company).

Next, (2)practice gratitude.  Practicing gratitude for things in your life brings attention to the good and positive and shows you that there is already some abundance in your life. Designate a journal and a time to do this each day.  Then periodically go back and read what you’ve given thanks for.

We all desire abundant joy!  If we work on our abundance mindset it will help. 

We have an Abundance challenge going on in our Joy for Everyday Women Facebook Group.  And that challenge is to work on building an abundance mindset through the month of March.  There is a post that goes up each day.  The first few explain the process and then starting March 5th there are daily affirmations and steps to follow to focus on building that abundance mindset.  

The month is going to be broken up into focusing on bringing abundance mindset to 4 categories:  Confidence and Mindfulness, Health, Relationships and Finances.  

So I'll fast from my scarcity mindset, work to build up an abundance mindset, and I will lean on God to help me.  Here is my 40 day commitment.  I will work everyday to identify thoughts that don't support an abundance mindset and rephrase them in a way that does.  I will use aromatherapy and a gratitude journal as tools to support this journey.

Focusing on an abundant mindset in these areas will help us to grow in each area.  When we grow in each area we open up to more abundant peace and joy.  As the Dalai Lama says, "the source of happiness is within us."


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