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Looking for inspiration on your journey to happiness and wellness? 
Looking for inspiration on your journey to happiness and wellness? 
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Meet Ila, Deanna and Randi

We know…. its cliché, but significant life events really do have a way of getting you to re-examine your priorities.  Our mom’s death was that for us.  Since caring for her through lung cancer to death, we have been wondering why we are giving our time to things that aren’t priorities.  We have been re-evaluating what happiness is ever since.  
Our conclusion……Happiness is a feeling experienced by gathering up tiny moments of joy and realized in retrospect. 
       seek Joy ; find happiness 
Joy doesn’t seem significant in the moment though it is enjoyable.  However, string it together and the more moments of joy a person experiences, the happier they are.    We are ready to be genuinely happy!  On this journey we are going to Claim Joy!  This website is our platform to share that journey and inspire others to claim joy too.
Ila SchepisiMeet Ila   Hi! I am a wife and working mom of four girls.  I love creating things.....things I can start and complete in shorter periods of time so I feel accomplished.  Yes, I am a Happy Planner too! I enjoy baking, cooking, learning, and crafting though I don't seem to have enough time to do it.  I love to dress up in costumes.  Really....any excuse to dress up will work for me!  Organization and leadership are my strengths.  Somehow, I always end up in charge of things when I volunteer.  If I'm not at work or carting the kids to their activities, I am volunteering for my church or Girl Scouts. I love to be outside. My life is lovely because I am resilient.  I have continued to seek God, purpose, and joy through traumatic events, postpartum depression, grief and the everyday stress and pressures of life. I worry that I work too much.  I worry that I don't work enough.  I worry that I'm messing it all up somehow.  I am human just like you.  I am working to Claim Joy on my journey to happiness.

Deanna WaltonMeet Deanna! I'm a divorced mom of 1 boy, who has found her new love.  He brings 4 boys to the table. That's 5 boys y'all!  We are in the middle of renovating a 1920's home in Small Town USA.  I have been in the daycare scene for 15 years now.  I am just trying to help raise and show love to the kids of my community.  I have Rheumatoid Arthritis so I try my best to eat healthy and clean.  I crave sunshine.  I love wine and all things crafty.  Give me essential oils, coffee, and glitter while I sit by the pool and life is good! That's my Joy!

                                                                                                             Meet Randi! Hi I"m not that cool, but I've been told that I am pretty funny.  I'm a full time Mama that is blessed enough to work from home.  Before my 4 yo son was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, I was a full time hair stylist.  While I love that I am able to stay home with him and work from the comforts of our home, I'm craving to get back behind the chair!  I love to travel.  I am always down for a good road trip.  I have an obsession for collecting hand sanitizer. I enjoy organizing, makeup, my morning coffee and all things cheetah print.  If there's wine, count me in!

Ila was introduced to essential oils by a friend and was amazed at how they worked.  After wanting to dive into the lifestyle for some time, she decided to treat herself to some self care after our Mom's journey ended. She easily pulled me into trying it.  We researched and discovered Young Living Essential Oils.  Young Living doesn't just sell products it is a community that has inspired a lifestyle and has begun to change it all for us.  Our mood and perspective is improved.  Our bodies, minds, and spirits are moving to wellness.  It’s all a journey but we are on the way!  Let us know if we can help you on your journey to joy and wellness!  Email us at letsclaimjoy@gmail.com.   


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