Sometimes We Have to Make Our Own Joy

Holding a pencil in your teeth can make you happy.  No really, try it!

In the late 80’s, psychologists did a study to find out that facial movement can impact your emotions.  It’s kinda like the power pose.  When we need to be brave before public speaking or a job interview a TED Talk taught us to stand for a few moments big and tall with legs and arms spread wide with our chest puffed out like a starfish!

How does this relate you ask?? Well, joy is more easily recognized and claimed in some people’s lives than it is in others.  Circumstances, experience, pressure and emotional baggage easily crowd in on our hearts and minds and prevent us from seeking joy let alone claiming it.  Is this you? Is your heart and mind crowded?  Is it hard for you to recognize joy in your life?  If this is you, then just like someone might “make” their own brave with the power pose, you may need to make your own joy!

Here are some ideas that can help you make your own joy.

Create a space that invites joy. 

Our bodies need Vitamin D so open those windows and let the sunshine in!  Vitamin D is a mood booster!  Clutter increases anxiety and negatively impacts sleep and focus so unclutter your space. Now add some color!  Color boosts our mood and helps balance our energy centers.  Bring nature in! Add houseplants, diffusers, and nature sounds to your space.  Along with sunlight and color these support our energy, and we need energy to be happy.  Finally, find some sentimental pictures and other items and set them out in plain sight to remind yourself you’ve been joyful before.

Spend time around positive and joy filled people.

They say you are the combination of the five people you spend the most time with, so who are you spending your time with?  Would you describe them as joyful?  If not, who do you know that you would describe as joyful? Positivity just like negativity is contagious.  Want to catch joy? Spend more time with your joyful friends and family.

Plan your joy.

It’s easy to get bogged down in to do lists and housework, work pressures, and other people's needs.  If we aren’t careful we end up tired and weary with no energy for joy.  Is that you?  If so, get out your planner and schedule some joy! Think of the activities you like to do.  Make a list of the ones that leave you feeling glad and delighted.  Maybe it's creating art or baking or playing candyland with your kids.  Whatever it is, plan it! (Then maybe do it with a pencil in your teeth.) This is an easy way to set yourself up for joyful success!

When it comes down to it.  We are responsible for the amount of joy that fills our lives. Let’s get out there #joysisters and seek joy:find happiness.

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