Meet the Joysisters

We are sisters: strong and thoughtful with a hint of sass just how our Mama raised us.  

We claim our small town roots even though we’ve experienced some not so small living.  In 2019, we became potently aware of how precious a moment can be.  We realized that our happiness was fragile; we’ve spent more time than we ever intended on things that rob us of joy; and  we do not give proper attention or credit to the things that do bring us joy. 

We want to be happier mothers, spouses, sisters, friends, and citizens.  
We are going to do that by claiming joy.
Let’s Claim Joy together!

We believe that everyday, joy-filled women will build legacies of wellness 
and make the world happier place. 

We are on a mission to inspire, motivate, educate, and 
help others to claim their joy! 
Our Story

Our mom was a strong woman with a big heart for helping others. We had very little growing up but she did her best.  Even though we didn't have much she shared what we did have.  She opened our home to young women and mothers who didn't have anywhere to go. Losing her to lung cancer at the age of 59 was the jolt we describe.

The story behind our rose logo.
We have few renditions of our logo but the one you see the most is this one; a single rose with three brush strokes in continuous motion.  

Our Mom's favorite flower was the rose.  In one of the happier times of her life she had several rose bushes.  In this rendition the rose represents our mom.  It's placed in the center because her death was the event that lead us to the joysisters mission.  My mom had us three girls and each brush stroke represents us on a continuous journey of seeking our joys and helping others along the way.

It happened quickly.  My sisters & I went from describing our days as good to describing them as busy and overwhelming.  We were struggling in the day to day to enjoy the life were building. For years, we were living on autopilot and we didn’t even know it.  It took a jolt and a new way of thinking but we are on the right track now!

Only a few years ago, we were going through the motions each day.  Does this sound familiar? We were doing all the things, but life wasn’t great like we'd always dreamed. It was busy and overwhelming.  We kept running that hamster wheel day in and day out until eventually, we were always tired, easily stressed, and unhealthy.  We just kept going…. on autopilot.

We learned how to keep going and to be independent from our Mom.  We also witnessed trauma and experienced great pain.  We thought we understood pain until we were jolted off the hamster wheel by grief.  After only seven months of treatment, our Mom died of lung cancer and we discovered we had no concept of what grief was or that we had been living a life without true joy before then. 

Things got worse and we checked out.  I became depressed.  Deanna suffered anxiety and panic attacks.  I couldn’t enjoy my family, was irritable, withdrawn, and had difficulty focusing.  Deanna couldn’t leave the house anymore. She was full of negative, irrational thoughts about “what if” and worried about what could happen. Though our Mom taught us to keep going and be strong, she didn’t teach us to process emotions or form deep connections and we nursed unhealthy mindsets.

I remember that day when it all changed for me and started getting better.  That time when my 5yo daughter bounced into the room with something exciting to say and then bounced back out.  I remember it because I experienced another jolt.  This time it was a simple smile.  Smiling….joy…. Had been such a foreign emotion that when I felt it, it shocked me and I almost didn’t recognize it.

I remember the day Deanna built up the strength to go to the grocery store. It’s like something just clicked her brain back to who she used to be. Her thoughts didn’t overcome her anymore. The fear of feeling her emotions was dissipating. 

The jolt of our mother's death was just the beginning of this story. There was a different jolt that started the course correct.  Those days, when it all changed when we began using essential oils intentionally for our wellness.  We continued to find support and relief using our essential oils and became so passionate that Joy By Oils was born! 

As we began to heal, we realized a deeper calling to share our story and help other women just like our mom did.  We are on a mission to inspire, motivate, educate, and help others to claim their joy!

We started because we know there are women out there trying to figure all this out on their own.  We wanted to provide an uplifting corner of the internet where women could not only read our journey by find guidance and a sisterhood of their own. We created an online facebook community called Joy for Everyday Women in order to share inspiration and remind people to seek and claim their joys day by day and even minute by minute.

We believe that living joyfully is a holistic endeavor. When we care for our whole selves we become magnets for joy.  

We are here to guide you in making small changes to support your physical, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being to bloom into the best versions of yourself.

Are you ready to start claiming your joy?