Intimacy: the opposite of lonely.
We’ve all been there before.  We are sitting in a room full of people, yet still feel alone. 

Loneliness causes significant health risk for older adults, especially those with dementia.  Why am I bringing this up? I mean, I know that hardly any of our #joysisters tribe is experiencing dementia.  It’s because loneliness doesn’t set in overnight like an infection.  It’s the result of years of neglect.   You see we have to attend our social networks now and build relationships so that as we age we have a reserve of people to engage with.  

Here is the thing.  The quality of those relationships matter.  They can’t be acquaintances.  If you are going to combat loneliness its gonna work best with deeper, intimate relationships.   It’s important to remember that intimacy reaches far beyond the bedroom.  I’m not speaking of the physical intimacy we have with our significant others right now - although we have some fun oily recipes for that if like (wink, wink).  Right now, I’m speaking of relational and emotional intimacy. We need to build strong intimate relationships with friends and family now to sustain us as we age.  

Here is how you measure the intimacy of a relationship.  Ask yourself if you or both of you are comfortable being emotionally vulnerable and raw with each other.  Ask yourself, do you share closeness and affection for each other? Do you have a shared history and/or experiences that bring you to a closeness.  

These intimate relationships are built on shared life experience, vulnerability, and trust.  How many of those relationships do you have?  Not enough? The good thing is that you can continue to build these strong relationships over a lifetime.  So put yourself out there and go make deeper more intimate relationships. Your lifetime of joy depends on it.  

We have a community of #joysisters waiting to welcome you in our Facebook Group Joy for Everyday Women.  Hope on over there and join.  And if you want some of those oily recipes to enhance physical intimacy for you and your significant other then just DM or email us and we will send it right on over.


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