Do you need grace?

Gratitude, self-care, positive thinking, affirmations, morning routines, setting intentions, awareness. These are all the things that are trending right now but what do they mean? Why should we be paying so much attention to all of these things?

 The simple answer is: for your mental health. Now, when I say mental health I don't mean a diagnosis like bipolar or schizophrenia. I mean MINDFULNESS. 


So, what is mindfulness?? Mindfulness is focusing our attention in a positive direction. Mostly, we are either remembering the past or prepping for the future. All the while our body is here in the present. Our family is in the present. Our life is in the present. Yet we can’t enjoy the present because our mind is stuck either in the past or the future. So, mindfulness helps us to get our mind back to the present. Mindfulness is when you intentionally focus your mind on the now, on the present. 

 Gratitude, affirmations, morning routines are all mindfulness practices or tools that will help you remain in the present moment. They help you to keep your attitude, intentions and attention all in the same positive space. We simply want to treat ourselves with the same grace, love and respect that we treat others. If your child was stressed about school work would you tell them that they are a failure? No, you would help them find a way to get it done. Treat yourself with the same respect. Don’t down yourself, stop and take a few breaths and pause. Ask yourself if you would act this way towards a good friend if they were experiencing the same situation. We already know that that answer is no.

 Can you see why mindfulness is important? We all need grace and sometimes only from our own thoughts. 



I Just posted about the square breathing technique in our Facebook group Joy for Everyday Women. Make sure you hop over there and join the group to learn more!.Did you know that I am a Certified Mindfulness Coach. Yep! I got my certification in March 2021. 


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