Food is Medicine!

You have chocolate cake leftover from a family member's birthday and it’s all you can think about all day at work. You know exactly what you are gonna do when you get home! You are gonna dive face first into that oooeeeyyy gooooeeeyy goodness. Death by chocolate right?!?! You probably even close your eyes as you take that first bite…… mmmmm. 

What are you eating the cake for? Nutrition? Fuel? Or is it pleasure? 

See this is where we get in trouble when it comes to food. We were not made to eat for pleasure, we were made to eat to survive, using food as fuel to keep our bodies going. That cake ……. It’s only for your pleasure. There is nothing good about the “fuel” your body is gonna get from that chocolate cake. It goes straight to your belly, butt or thighs! 

Wanna lose weight? Boost your immune system? Reduce inflammation? Feeling fatigued? Stressed? Anxiety? Depression? Auto-immune disorder? Don’t go for that chocolate cake!! It might make you say Mmmmm but the only thing it is fueling is the bad bacteria in your gut! Did you know that your gut contains more bacteria than your body has cells?? Yep, almost 10 to 1!! 

Your gut is one of the most powerful systems in your body. Not only does it get rid of waste, your gut is where you absorb your nutrients from your food, where over 70% of your immune system is and it is also where the greatest concentration of serotonin is found! Serotonin is that happy hormone. The more of that we have the better our mood and the more Joy we can find!!! 

So what can we do to help our gut? 

Take a probiotic.

Eat more fermented foods.

Eat yogurt that contains cultures.

Stay away from refined sugar.

Stay away from processed foods. 

Decrease your stress (use mindfulness!!)

Overall food is medicine! You can choose foods that support your immune system like garlic, onions, turmeric, cinnamon, spinach and citrus fruits, and incorporate them into your diet more often. Let’s try our best to eat foods that help fuel our bodies the way it was meant to do. 


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