Screw Resolutions! Set Intensions!

How often do you disappoint yourself? Me?, I do it all the time.

This week the kids are out of school.  They have no added stress and can just be kids.  I didn’t plan any activities and now they’ve spent most of the week watching TV and playing on tablets.  I’m disappointed because I haven’t done a better job of helping them discover the motivation for non-screen activity.  I’m disappointed because I don’t have the energy to do more.

2020 has been a year of disappointments and I sure as heck don’t need to set myself up for more disappointment in 2021. That is why I say, screw resolutions! I’m setting intentions instead!

I do like that the New Year brings an organic occasion to reset and start fresh, but,I have grown to reject the idea of a resolution.  A resolution is similar to a goal and suggests there is an endpoint to achieve.  This could be good for someone who needs to lose exactly 10lbs to fit into a dress for a party, but I think most of us set resolutions because we want our lives to be better or at least changed.  Resolutions in my opinion are only good for short term trivial achievements, not real life, long-term growth and change.  

Isn’t it true, too, that most people give up on their resolutions before February.  When we don’t make the progress we thought we would or hit the mark we’ve set, it's easy to give up.  Better yet, if we achieve the goal or resolution it’s done….over….complete.  There is no need to keep on with the behaviors or actions that helped us achieve the goal.  

I need something more inspiring than a short term goal or resolution to improve my life and experience the real change and growth I want to see.  I need to define my intention.  

An intention directs your mindset and attitude.  With intention we connect with a deeper purpose that will impact us on an emotional level.  When we strike our emotional chords, we have a greater chance for success.  Intentions are not restricted.   They are more open ended and more compatible to personal growth on a lifetime journey.

I’ve set my 2021 intention.  Here it is….drum roll…….

I intend to have the energy to be happy.

I know it sounds a bit lofty, but I’m on a wellness journey to become the best version of myself. I’m seeking joy to find happiness.  Many days I can just be exhausted and unmotivated and out of the routine of recognizing joy.  With this intention, however, I am committing to working on my energy and my happiness.  

When I set an intention I am also extending myself unending grace.   Lord knows I need it.  No two days are the same.  Every decision I make impacts my energy and ability to be happy.  I need to be able to reflect on the day and make adjustments to do better. Unlike a resolution, my progress with an intention can travel two steps forward and one step back.  That is still progress, that is still success.  Setting an intention puts me into the mindset that gives me that space to accept the chaos a day can bring and to know I haven’t lost any battle or war. It affirms that I have not failed. With a resolution, I either did or I didn’t.  That is too rigid and will certainly set me up to disappoint myself. So, screw resolutions! I intend to have the energy to be happy!

What about you?  Will you say, screw resolutions and set an intention for this year? Will you join me on a wellness journey to become the best version of yourself and realize happiness?  That’s a genuine invite! Comment below, screw resolutions! And we can walk hand in hand in our intentions for 2021.


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