I bet you are jumping into this post thinking I’m going to make claims about how awful, filthy, and germy, bathtub toys are.  They are filthy and germy, don’t get me wrong. Have you ever cut one of those plastic things with the squirter hole open? YUCK! Soak those suckers in thieves cleaner!  But I digress.  This post isn’t about the germy bath tub toys.  It’s about grief! Yes grief!

I walked into the “little girls room” and had a seat.  I looked up and across from me was the brown monkey bathtub toy container.  You know the vat that holds all the germy toys till the next bath.  I looked up and all the sudden I realized that I couldn’t remember the last time it had been used.  I had moved it around more times than I could count to clean but the toys hadn’t actually floated in a bath in forever.  Then it hit me.  NO MORE BATHTUB TOYS.

My youngest wasn’t interested in playing with bath toys anymore.  It was time to throw them out. And so I cried.  I couldn’t help it.  The reason I kept them around was because they had brought her so much joy.  I could still see the sweet smiles.  But now ….no more bubble baths, no more abc’s on the wall, no more adventures with the little wind up mermaid.  I actually sobbed over the little germ infested things. I was grieving my kids infant and toddler stages.  I guess maybe the three times before it was no biggie.  I got baby fever and was just like hey honey let’s make another baby.  Not this time though.  Four c-sections is more than enough and we are not prepared to foster or adopt. So NO MORE BATHTUB TOYS. 

I was sad for a bit but then I did that thing I do. I started searching for the bright side.  I started to searching for the benefits.  There is the obvious….I don’t have to clean or move those suckers around anymore.  But I didn’t really mind that as much as it sounds.  I just kept thinking, “it’s the end of an era for me and Cory”.  Then poof! Epiphany! We have all the other “eras” to go through still!  Nothing is over, it's just evolved and there are good, fun, and joyful things in every era of parenthood.  So I will treasure the bubble face smiles in memories while I relish the joys of the current eras. So no more bathtub toys, HALLELUJAH! I’ll claim that joy!

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