We're Vibin
“That’s so vibey.”  “Good vibes, good vibes.”  “We’re vibin”

I guess it's one of the newer “cool” phrases to be sayin??? I don’t know, maybe it's on its way out by now?  I’m not always up on current lingo, I’m told. Haha.  Teens! What I do know is that It makes me chuckle a little inside whenever I hear my kids or friends say these phrases.

Why? Because it’s not just a cool phrase.  Social neuroscientists are beginning to find evidence of “brain coupling” during conversation.  This might also explain why we say we feel we are “in sync” with someone or “on the same wavelength”.  

Frequency matters.  Here is my understanding of frequency.  Because of the movement of electrons and neutrons.  Nothing is ever at rest.  Everything even when we think of it being at rest or being inanimate is in motion.  At the basic building blocks, the atomic level, the object is in motion.  The collective motion of the atoms creates a vibration that is measured in frequency.  Frequencies can sync up.  There are easy experiments to test this out.  Get two tuning forks or two pendulum clocks.  Put them both in motion and they will eventually sync up.  Our brains and bodies do that with each other too.  So we can quite literally “be vibing” with someone.

To me “vibin” and it’s other phrases mean more than just to hang out or "chill".  It is the epitome of phrases to describe the social life of teens. It’s a phrase used to validate connectedness.  Teens want to be part of the crowd and a social group with lots of friends.  The truth is we all want this sense of connectedness.  The desire doesn’t end when you graduate high school or exit your teen years.  Humans are social creatures meant to live socially connected.  

I find living socially connected has its peaks and valleys.  There are times when I have many connections and close friendships and other times when my social calendar wanes.  Those valleys usually occur when I’ve busied up my calendar, increased caretaker duties or work duties and let my priorities get out of line.

There are natural times in our lives or transitions in life when our social networks drift and shift.  When you go to college, start a new job, move, raise a family, retire, etc.  These are the ebbs and flows to expect in our social network.  

 The trick is to figure out how to “vibe” with people so you stay connected.  If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice or a thousand times.  To improve upon anything and that includes our relationships, we have to be intentional to make it happen.  Call people when we are thinking of them.  Text them as if they were with us.  Make time to be in their presence.  Take trips to visit them. Invite them into our home.  Go out and support their endeavors.  Sit across from them with a cup of coffee.  Share our stories.  The big ones and the mundane ones.  

Make the effort, joy sister.  For your closest friends, let them know you want to stay connected and that you are making the effort so that they will return the effort.  Before long you will “be vibing.”

One thing that stunts my “vibe” is when I’m working in autopilot mode.  When I’m just going through the motions to get the things done that have to be done.  If you are stuck in autopilot, I’ve share three tips to get you out of autopilot mode.  GET GUIDE HERE.


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